Quiet Fridays

How do you balance your professional practice with your creative practice?

Whether you identify as an artist or not, the development of your creative work is essential to your self-understanding, to the ways you express yourself, to your health and wellbeing, and indeed, to your identity. Devoting time to your creative practice unpacks your thoughts, animates your mind, and connects you with the ideas and projects that don’t find space and time within the working week.

At Regional Arts Victoria we’re committed to creating a workplace that’s as inspiring as the work of our artists across the state. Our annual individual and group professional development focuses on leadership, public presentation, writing, negotiation, conflict and complexity, emotional intelligence, body and mindfulness, with mentorships, placements, exchanges, career planning and more. These experiences include our annual Creative Professional Development Retreat, quarterly AllStaff Meeting, and annual performance reviews. The strategic planning cycle involves everyone, and there’s a quarterly¬†Business Plan Check-In to maintain an open culture of evaluation and review. Fortnightly Staff Salons alternate with Kitchen Kabinets, balancing the development of a critical arts vocabulary with exchanges across the breadth of the organisation. This blog, Inspiring Arts, is written by all of us, and offers some more insights across all of these areas.

Our aim is to offer a career highlight experience for everyone who works with us.

Quiet Fridays allow full-time staff to frontload their Monday-to-Thursday so as to devote Fridays to their creative practice, making for a quieter office space to end the week. We’re trialling it across the whole organisation this year, and we’ll let you know how it goes. Join us!