What leadership means to me

Today Regional Arts Victoria announces our next strategic plan, with a strong focus on the development of creative practice, and with that new plan, some exciting changes to our organisation. From today, Regional Arts Victoria has three key departments of Partnerships, Programming and Projects, headed by an Executive Director as CEO, and creating a new leadership team of four.


So what does leadership mean to our leadership team?

Joe Toohey, Executive Director
Leadership is about motion. It is not where we started, where we are, or where we finish; it’s about how we move from one of these points to the next (and often back around again). Great leadership thus requires action. It is about doing, driving or inspiring the thing that happens first before the thing that happens next. For Regional Arts Victoria, then, leadership is not the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan; it is how we make it happen.

Liz Zito, Director of Partnerships
Leadership is about listening and understanding. By listening we learn and understand more about the depth of what shapes thoughts, what might drive our artists, Members, partners and colleagues, what helps them manoeuvre in their own specific world. This understanding informs and enables better collaborations and partnerships internally and externally that are mutually beneficial and that see people working together towards common visions.

Justin Murphy, Director of Programming
Leaders emerge over time, but every act of leadership is a choice. Over nearly 50 years Regional Arts Victoria has emerged as a leader in providing the best of experiences to audiences in regional Victoria and across Australia, not just to professionally run performing arts centres, but to small community halls and especially into schools. Our Programming team choose to show leadership in providing audiences with the best of artistic experiences, and provide a new vitality and inspiration within schools, communities and performing arts centres across the state

Esther Anatolitis, Director of Projects
Leadership creates frameworks to stimulate the new thinking that facilitates productive collaborations. Like advocacy, good leadership distributes those approaches to empower action. It promotes critical reflection on the way we think and work, infusing this into the culture of an organisation – and well beyond that organisation. And it’s presented with emotional intelligence, with clear values, and with style, drawing on instincts to make sensitive and constructive interventions. This is what Small Town Transformations and Artlands Victoria are all about.



IMAGE (L-R): Justin Murphy, Esther Anatolitis, Joe Toohey, Liz Zito.