Reflections on Yellow: Internship Wrap Up

Yellow is an integral part of the Regional Arts Victoria brand. There are yellow desks, yellow filing cabinets, yellow bar stools, yellow light fittings, and even yellow fridge magnets. Regional Arts Victoria HQ fairly envelops you in a warm hug made of yellow. As a young woman in the sunset of her internship, I felt it my duty to discover the significance of all this colour. I hopped onto the extremely authoritative website and discovered that yellow is “uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.”


Our famous yellow

Well, Colour Psychology must be onto something because Regional Arts Victoria is the most uplifting workplace I have ever experienced.

The uplifting began from my very first day. I was introduced to my smiling colleagues, my comfy fit-ball chair and the well-stocked biscuit tin. I was invited to meetings with the managers and director, all of whom inspired my complete love and devotion.

Suzi, who manages the Education & Families program, spoke passionately about the importance of young people’s involvement in the arts. Liz, the Cultural Partnerships Manager spoke movingly about the way art can help communities to heal after traumatic events, such as bushfires. The Performing Arts Touring Coordinator Rosie got me excited by the possibilities of inspiring creativity in regional Victorian towns with fantastic shows on the road. Such was my awe when I met the Director Esther Anatolitis that I spilt a glass of water all over her. She was very gracious about it.

150407_Eleanor Bally and Jessica Alice_Photo by Joanna Gould

Jess & Eleanor

Working as an intern with the outgoing Marketing & Publicity Manager Pia and her maternity leave counterpart Jess, I have learnt how to upload and edit articles on our website; I am helping to write a digital media strategy and I’ve even started learning how to write HTML code. However, the most valuable lesson I have learnt at Regional Arts Victoria is that a job can be about more than just work, it can be a channel for our interests and passions.

Here my colleagues inspire each other with fortnightly Staff Salons, and they practice self-care with flexible working hours. I have never met a more caring, creative group of people. My internship at Regional Arts Victoria is teaching me how to develop myself as creative worker who is ready to contribute to the wider world.

“In the meaning of colours, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness,” says my friend the colour psychology website.

So thank you to Esther, Joe, Joanna, Liz, Gab, Lucy, Mal, Deb, Jo, Kim, Amanda, Carolynne, Andrea, Pamela, Jenna, Suzi, Meredith, Aimee, Kane, Rosie, Dale, Ella, Sam and most of all Pia and Jess for welcoming me into your thoughtful, creative workplace. It has been truly inspiring.