How to apply for a job in the arts

Applying for a job can be a daunting experience at any career stage.

A group of us got together and gathered up some tips from all of our experiences of applying for jobs – successfully, or unsuccessfully! – as well as our experiences of being at the other end of the recruitment process. We’ve made a resource that’s available across on the Regional Arts Victoria website called How to Apply for a Job in the Arts.

It’s useful for any job you apply for – a production role, a creative role, an administrative role, a leadership role, even an unpaid or intern role.

There’s also a PDF guide there so you can easily download it and keep it handy.

We encourage you to use the resource before you next apply for a position at Regional Arts Victoria – or indeed, anywhere. We’ll be including a link to it in our job ads from now on. And we’ll be updating it regularly as new tips come our way. Leave your best tips below!

Best of luck in developing your career in the arts.

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