Back to the Stats: VicArts Grants

Late last year, we had a look at 2013 arts funding statistics released by Creative Victoria to see how regional organisations were faring. With the announcement in June of the latest recipients of VicArts Grants, now seemed a good as time as any to check in again on how regional artists and organisations are faring.


From the June round, of 106 successful applications, 8 (or just under 8%) were from artists or organisations based in regional or remote Victoria areas of Victoria. Figure 1 presents this distribution graphically.






In terms of amounts granted, of the $1,550,467 granted through the program in June, $95,675 (or 6%) was distributed to regional or remote Victoria. Figure 2 summarises this.






Creative Victoria were kind enough to provide us with some data for the last four VicArts Grants rounds so we could determine whether these low numbers represented low success rates for regional applicants (lots of regional applications but limited success compared to metro-based applicants) or low applications rates (similar success rates, but lower numbers of applications compared to metro-based applicants).

The figures paint a pretty clear picture; namely, that regional artists and organisations aren’t applying for support through the VicArts program in the same number as their metro counterparts.


Figure 3 shows that only 9% of applications received over the previous four rounds were from regional and/or remote areas (for reference, according to the latest releases from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 24% of the Victorian population live in regional Victoria).






The success rate for regional applicants, however, was the same for regional and/or remote applicants as metro-based applicants, at 21% (see Figure 4).






Creative Victoria told us they are keen to increase the number of regional applicants. Handily, they have a couple of information sessions coming up in Ballarat (August 4) and Geelong (July 30) if you’d like to take them up on this challenge.

The sessions will feature panel and one-on-one appointments. If you’re keen to attend, contact Kirsty Rivers at Creative Victoria at and book your spot.

Creative Victoria is the Victorian State Government body which advises on, and implements arts policy. Regional Arts Victoria (that’s us) is one of 10 Lead Organisations funded through Arts Victoria’s Organisations Investment Program.

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